Child’s education is one of the primary priority of parents. They are always seen to be worried about their child’s future, and how they will make a good career to be able to survive in this world and be a
successful person. Every parent want their child to grow up as a successful person with both a good career and a great personality. They wish to see their child to create a name in the society which would
add so much to their honour and prestige to be called as their parents.

Parents are indeed the first and the greatest well wisher of their child but though with a good intention they sometimes seem to put pressure on the child to study and put the pressure of ‘scoring’ high marks,
often comparing them with others rather than actually understanding what and where their problem lies. Why are they not concentrating on their studies…?

Why do they score less marks even after going to school and doing regular homework, studying for 5-6 extra hours daily..?

Putting pressure is not going to be of any help instead of understanding the child’s psychology by thinking being in his stage, from his point of view.

Ask yourself on,

What may be the problem that my child is not able to talk about his problems frankly with me..?

You’ll get those answers for yourself.

A child’s psychology is very tender. When his parents say things like, comparing them with other children they think their parents love the other kids and not them, this increases self doubt in them. And
then when you say them to study they’re gonna rebel by being defensive and creating walls around them, distancing themselves from you.

If you randomly go and ask,

How’s study going on..? They are just going to answer by “yes Dad/Mom it’s fine..! I’m studying.” That’s it.

But if you want to know what’s actually going on.

Instead of yelling and taunting them, sit near them, and very lovingly, ask them how was their day at school. How are their friends..? How’s life..? And other things as well.

Only asking about studies first will again create the same impression making them think you only care about his performance and not him. So first talk often about his day about other stuff in his life. Then,
you can sometime calmly ask,

How’s their studies going..?

And they will answer in a very polite manner.

Indeed, cause they trust you more than anything and that you will understand their problems. And will clearly state all the problems going on with them, with their studies.

Go through all of them.

The child is studying for 5-6 hours a day after school and still not able to perform well. Why?

The teachers in a class will never be able to pay one-on-one attention in a class of 50-60 students. And their individual doubts remain unsolved. If you see your child struggling with doubts while studying, with
these problems. Mark that they’re skipping those portions where they have doubts. And those remain unsolved.

Parents can’t give enough time or not able to cope up with the increasing and difficult syllabus nowadays, pressurizing the students to dull their brain and killing all the interest in studies.

The constant fear of getting humiliated by their fellow students keep them from asking every doubts. They think if others know this and I don’t, I’ll be a joke around.

Lack of creative teaching method is one of the main problem. The same monotonous way of writing and reading the lessons bores the students and creates a lack of interest in them.

If you see all these characteristics in your child. And they state these problems to you.

You absolutely need to think of something about their studies and how to solve these problems.

These problems can only be solved by the help of a good tutor. The tutor provides personalized attention and teaches creatively in a very friendly way. Which clears all the doubts of your child and also
at the comfort of your own home.

But where to find such a tutor is the next problem that arise.

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