The up surge popularity of eLearning these days, has become possible, only due to the unfolding development of technology. We either find people talking about Covid-19 or online courses these days.
The features of eLearning are many, such as reliability, cost effective, no need of travel, less study materials, more personalized learning, and from any university or institution in the World, and so on. . !!
Out of these all, the one feature that heighten the benefits of eLearning manifold is the use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in eLearning.

As the mode of education here becomes online, it gave the tech-scientists a chance to introduce AR and VR into learning platforms to give a colossal experience to the students around the globe.
Firstly, for people who don’t know what AR and VR are, let’s know about each of these terms in brief…

AR – It is an interactive experience similar to the real world environment, where the real world objects other enhanced my computer generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities. This can be defined as a combination of virtual and real world. For example, it enables us to study science topics, such as organic chemistry, quantum physics, electromagnetic waves etc.

VR – VR is the simulated experience of things. This can be similar or different from the real world. For example, the video games that we play are included in virtual reality. It carries out realistic simulations.

Now, let’s understand how can we use these in eLearning and how it will benefit us :-

➢ It makes learning more engaging and exciting. It induces the creativity in students. The students are able to relate with abstract things in topics such as wave theories, light, sound, how it travels, space science, etc. Thus it intrigue their imagination and help them to get excited and enthusiastic about science and other such topics.

➢ It takes the student to another world, where they can feel what they are studying. It increases their perspective of grasping things. It enhances their way of learning by making it more effective. It creates the scenarios, that would be impossible to experience in their real life. It makes them grasp the topic more easily and effectively by creating a clear picture of the subject taught and making sure that they will be able to apply it to their everyday life.

➢ It teaches practicality of the subjects. Rather than just imagining whatever comes to their mind, by reading the text book, they get able to visualise what really happens in a phenomenon. And with the extra benefit of eLearning they get the chance to go through those classes as many times as they want, and learn at their own pace and understanding.

➢It allows self-guided exploration in the field of education. The students, say in the medical field, can understand a case in more details, to get what really happens to the body, and it will avoid them from doing mistakes, they would have otherwise done by taking a wrong decision. This can prevent many dangerous situations from happening.

➢ It eradicates the language barrier. As there is only a need to see things, the language becomes no more a problem. Thus, students who go through these problems, or can’t get the terminology in one time can also understand very easily and experience an amazing learning. It brings the world even more closer

AR and VR has magnificently benefitted us to experience things that would have never been possible for us to experience. It has only helped us to gain knowledge. It’s role in scientific researches, medicine,
military training, etc. has done a lot.

Thus, this approach in eLearning is as beneficial as the others.

Hope, this article helped you. Thank you for reading. Contact for any queries or suggestions.