eLearning is something that has made modern education system more efficient, creative and easily available to everyone in this world. Even people who were not able to complete their studies are taking online educational courses irrespective of their age, because as it is said that “There is no age limit for learning something”.

eLearning has also provided us the benefit of learning from anywhere in the world, from any university or institution in the world without the cost and efforts of travelling there. It has bestowed us with several benefits that has allowed us to learn with more enthusiasm, and dedication. The hi-tech features used in the educational field nowadays, such as gamification features, which includes quizzes, live chat options etc. has taken the level of learning to the next phase. These features creates an enthusiasm for learning and studying for a longer period of time and without the cost of maintaining dozens of notebooks, and study materials. eLearning gives us the benefit of all around development in a minimalist budget and also benefits our development academically by group discussions in the virtual classrooms, which not only develop certain skills in us, like public speaking and presenting our views but also increase our knowledge and perspective by broadening our mind set and increasing self confidence and esteem.

Thus, the features that we get in a virtual education system is lot more than the physical old way of learning.

Such a modern and hi-tech feature launched, is the use of AI chatbots in education or eLearning.

First of all, let’s know

What are AI Chatbots…?

AI means Artificial intelligence. Chatbots are AI software that can simulate a conversation with the user . They are mostly used in applications, websites, and messaging applications.
They are often used by an organization or company to interact with their customers or clients as a medium of communication.

An example is the Google Assistant, which replies the user by text replies and also in a voice form just like a human does.

Now, the question is,

How can AI chatbots be used in education ?

The use of chatbots can create an interactive way of learning for the student, just like they do interact with a tutor or teacher.

They will get instant feedback and that’s what needed for a better learning. Isn’t it..?

Bots can keep a track of their progress and increase their skills in many ways. They can also be programmed for automated notifications and reminders and alarms for studying. They can remind for
revision of a certain subject that you earlier read, or notify you with updated quizzes on the platform you’re using, and can set alarms for your study break and resume..!

These intelligent bots can easily adapt to the way a student learns and thus provides a more personalized experience in learning. Everyone has a certain pace of grasping things and learning them, thus bots are a great option for these type of facilities. They provide you with the personalized things or recommendations, according to your requirements. They don’t get overwhelming unlike a real teacher sometimes get.

It can simplify a teacher’s job. It can help an educator by managing their routine. Whenever the teacher is not available, these bots can opt for their replacement. After the class get over the bots can check up with the student’s progress in homework and help in revision of the subject taught earlier.

They can organize better. As they are bots, they have a huge memory unlike us. And can be used to store the data of the students, their curriculum progress, their reports, etc. The data will be easily available this way, when needed just by a simple search of the student or report.

They can help conduct the assessments in a more easy way. They can easily take exams and provide the students their test’s analyzed report and feedbacks along with the correct answers if they did any mistakes.

These benefits can enhance a student’s learning experience manifold. And it is clear that these bots are going to be the future of eLearning.

That’s all for this article. Hope this helped you get an overview of how AI is the future of learning. Thank you for being here.

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