To study with complete dedication the students needs something more than just the books, notebooks and a tutor.

Motivation. Yes, they need to be motivated.

Studying is something which needs strong will power, dedication and patience. Which is seen as a deficient in the present generation. The children nowadays, especially students get desperate easily and
give up on anything they aren’t able to achieve. They always tend to put less efforts and want to get good results. Not only that, they feel demotivated towards their academics. Lack of interest towards
studies is, what seen in common in hundreds of students. In this situation the elders need to understand their psychology, put themselves in the child’s shoe and then deal with it. They might think that the
students doesn’t undergo any pressure, they don’t have any tension. But that’s not the case. The students have to undergo many stress. They deal with study pressure, about completing the syllabus,
making their parents happy and proud, scoring good marks, getting admission in their favourite college or school. They also deal with certain peer pressure, some students even get humiliated by their fellow
students or even teachers due their slow learning ability. There’s a lot more going on than visible in reality. They bear all these stresses, and doesn’t even have anyone to share with. And then when they
sit to study, they feel a lack of motivation to study and achieve their goals, even when they want to.

Eisenhower says, “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it”. Seems a bit complicated, isn’t it..?

But it isn’t. It’s very simple. You need to motivate the child a bit to boost up his/her confidence and kick start their engine towards studies. Every student gets motivated differently and with their own pace.
But following the important steps is what a teacher can do to get the classroom enthusiastic about the learning.

This guide will help you provide 6 such simple ideas which can improve student motivation to a next level. These little but effective tips are going to help them to such an extent that you’ll see on your own
after applying these tips.

So, let’s get started with,

1. Create a friendly environment – this is the very first and the most important tip to motivate them. They are not just going to follow whatever you say to motivate them, if they don’t find
you supportive and that you understand them. So, you need to create a very friendly, safe and supportive environment. With no threats. Where they feel that they’re not going to be
humiliated by anyone if they won’t understand the topic. They won’t get judged by anyone due their learning pace. Make them feel that it’s okay to learn at their own pace and tell them that
you’re going to teach them in a very personalized way. When the teacher treat every student equally they get a positive vibe and stay motivated towards study.

2. Ditch the classroom sometimes – The dull routine of the same classroom with the teacher giving the lectures in a monotonous way can get boring. Sometimes the students should get a
change. Take them to field trips, or any outdoor observations, or activities, or take them to the library to conduct study research. Pair them up, or assign groups, arrange certain rewards for
the best productive group. This helps them get creative and stay motivated to engage their brain in these activities, willing to study and learn.

3. Give them responsibilities – Assigning the students with different responsibility of the classroom cam help them create a community and get motivated. They don’t feel burdened to the
classroom works. They even try to complete the task by working hard, ensuring that their fellow classmates appreciate the job done and to make the teachers happy. A little appreciation for
their work can motivate them a lot to create a positive environment in the classroom. They feel valued and equal.

4. Be Enthusiastic – the students react on what they see. If you sit in the classroom teaching them with a very unwilling attitude, they too will feel demotivated. Be enthusiastic while teaching.
When they see you this way, they too get motivated and enthusiastic towards learning.

5. Get to know them – Get to know your Students well. You need to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. What makes them strong in their academics, which subject is strong and which
needs more efforts. This will help you motivate each student in a personalized way and you can pay attention to the weaknesses in particular. This will also improve self reflection of their
studies in them. Give them the charge to find out their strengths and weaknesses and why they think so.

6. Keep goals, give feedback, and track the progress – fix the goals that they need to achieve. When they have their goals clear in front of them they strive towards it. Create a hunger inside
them to achieve that goal and give them feedbacks. Tell them where they made mistakes, but, in a positive manner, by not humiliating them. If they did a good job appreciate them. Track
their improvement and show them the results sometimes. When they see how much progress they’ve made, they’ll definitely get more motivated.

These steps, if followed can make a great change in the students’ motivation. Hope this helped you in a way and more. Feel free to contact of any queries. We’d be glad to help.

Thank you for being here.